Family Life



    Director: Gregory Carmichael
                   Charlyne Carmichael       

    We are dedicated to strengthening relationships and empowering ministry leaders and churches in their work with families.  Our Family Life Department focuses on people in relationship.


    It is a ministry that provides tools to help individuals communicate more effectively, deepen commitment in marriage, and assist in becoming better parents. 

    The Family Life Department helps families grow in love and live in harmony as the family of God.

    The over-arching objective of the Family Life Department is to strengthen the family as a discipling center. The family was established by divine creation as the fundamental human institution. It is the primary setting in which values are learned and the capacity for close relationships with God and with other human beings is developed.

    The Family Life Department is a ministry of grace which acknowledges as normative the biblical teachings relating to the family and holds high God's ideals for family living. At the same time, it brings an understanding of the brokenness experienced by individuals and families in a fallen world. Thus, we seek to enable families to stretch toward divine ideals, while at the same time ever extending the good news of God's saving grace and the promise of growth possible through the indwelling Spirit.

    The Family Life Department focuses on people in relationship. It is a ministry that provides tools for couples, parents and children, single adults, and all members of the wider family circle as they pass through life's predictable stages and confront unexpected changes in their lives.